Thursday, June 21, 2007

MP surprised at number of caregivers

I wrote to the MP of the Meet the Peoples' session (MPS) we attended on Tuesday night to thank him for letting CWS attend as the caregivers had asked that we be there as well. He wrote back to say that it would be good to have more interaction to solve the issues facing the estate.

I spoke to one of the caregivers in the area this morning who is also an RC member of a neighbouring block. She said the MP went to her area last night and there were people who complained about the cats. She said the TC officer mentioned that there had been caregivers helping out and that was good, but on occasion the problems could not be solved. The RC member caregiver explained that these problems usually were in relation to home cats and as a result, these were hard to solve if the owner refused to co-operate.

The MP asked the officer to please refer the complaints to CWS to refer to the caregivers. At the same time, apparently a man came up and complained that there were 50 to 60 cats at the block during feeding time. The MP himself apparently remarked that he had only seen one, but the complainant was adamant that there were many more cats (the RC member said there weren't anywhere close to 50 cats).

The TC and MP also assured the RC member that sterilised cats would be left alone. The complainant then complained that all the cats there would be sterilised and hence could not be removed. The RC member then explained that if a cat was causing a genuine problem for some reason, they would remove that one sterilised cat.

The MP also mentioned that he was surprised to see so many caregivers turn up - he had not realised there were so many people caring for cats. The RC member told him that in fact, this was just a portion of the group. She said that there were more caregivers out there who could not make it for the MPS session.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hopefully, this will register in the mind of this MP that these caregivers are potential VOTERS who will be pissed off if their community cats get killed for no reason. :) and let's hope he shares this insight with his other MP buddies.


21/6/07 10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If cat care-givers band together to see their respective MPs, then MPs would know that there are people who care about cats and not just cat complaints.

21/6/07 12:42 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

so far, the complaints have been louder than the voices of animal-lovers & caregivers ...

the squeaky wheel gets the oil, as the saying goes ...

we need to speak up & make ourselves heard ...

only in recent years have people started writing to the press on animal welfare ... there werent any in the past ...

21/6/07 3:34 PM  

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