Friday, June 22, 2007

Stealing food bowls

I had a conversation this afternoon with a feeder who was very upset that someone was throwing away her food bowls. She said she had called SPCA and they could not help her. She wanted to take photos and get the police to take action.

I pointed out that I understood she was very upset but I asked what she intended to prosecute people under. I said that in essence, leaving the food bowls out, there is a chance they might go missing. In addition, I said that they might get upset with her for littering.

She told me that she is in a condo and they have a special programme whereby she feeds the cats therefore the usual rules of littering do not apply.

She said she wanted to prosecute them for animal abuse for depriving the cats of food and water. I pointed out that that applies for animals which are somehow in the person's control.

I asked her why she didn't just go through her management and asked if they had not been supportive. It seems yesterday they went through all the garbage cans to try and find out whom had taken the food bowls - so it's not that they're not supportive.

I suggested instead of going to the police that she try working through her management. She complained that animals were treated badly here and the law was not working, but frankly, this isn't a case of the animals being abused (though she said she doesn't know what they do when she's not around). I also pointed out that with dengue fever around, people might not be very sympathetic she's leaving water containers out. I suggested she make it very clear the water is being changed every day.

She asked why the complainant didn't just come and speak with her but she was so upset that frankly if I were the complainant, I'd think twice about speaking with her too.

It's important to pick your battles too - don't go straight to the most extreme remedy when other solutions might work better.

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