Monday, June 11, 2007

Too much trouble?

I just spoke with this woman again and asked her to please ask the woman who saw the cat being dumped in the gunny sack to call me. She said her husband had not seen the woman since Saturday when it happened.

She said that she had not seen two of the sterilised cats since the day it happened. I told her to call the AVA and I said that as the officer had mentioned that sterilised cats would not be caught, if she allowed me to speak with him, then the cats could be returned if he was agreeable. She agreed the officer was a nice man and did not think he was involved in the trapping.

However she was worried that it would be too much trouble to get the cats back from the AVA. She said she would need to think about it first.

I encouraged her again to sterilise the cats. She said that the cats might get caught anyway and I told her that if no one spoke up about them being caught, then the cats would definitely be caught. She said that was true.

She was also worried the cleaners might get angry and throw the water bowls away if she reported what they did. I told her there might be no need for water bowls if the cats are killed.

In the end, she agreed to let me tell the town council officer but only on the condition that her name not be revealed to the cleaners. She will also try and get the woman to call me but she doubts the woman who saw the cat being caught will want to do anything.

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Blogger Mary said...

Isn't it frustrating when people seems concerned about acts of cruelty yet refused to be involved. It's like the saying 'Talk but No Action'. At the end of the day, i wonder what was the aim of the complaint!

12/6/07 10:09 AM  

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