Friday, June 15, 2007

Trying not to inconvenience the neighbours

I was just speaking to someone who has quite a few animals and is living in a rented house. The cats are allowed to roam around the neighbourhood and about half of them are sterilised. In fact the man started out with only three cats but the number has increased multiple times by now. He said that they started breeding so quickly and he has sterilised about half of them now. He wanted to send them into boarding.

The problem is that the landlord has come by and told him that his lease says that he can only keep a certain number of animals and he has far exceeded the number. I told him that the main thing is that chances are the neighbours complained. He said he has crazy neighbours whom he thinks complaint. I pointed out that if there are multiple cats running around, half of which are unsterilised and which are fighting, spraying, caterwauling and dropping kittens, chances are that quite a few neighbours will be annoyed.

Most neighbours are fine if you have pets and won't care - but if you let the animals out, then they WILL have an issue with it. He agreed that he had people complain to him about defecation in the past but he insisted that the defecation did not belong to his cats because his cats have litter trays.

While cats are very good at using litter trays, the cats when they do out may have a little 'accident' and if they have defecated there once, the scent is still there, and they are likely to go back and mark the spot again. If you have pet cats, please do keep them in.

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