Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Which block?

One of the caregivers called me to say that someone had called her to say that they had seen an injured cat - or a cat that she thought was injured. I spoke with the woman who saw the cat but it was very difficult to get information from her as she wasn't sure where the cat was. She knew the colour of the cat and that it was near a shoe shop that sells men's' shoes but apparently there are a lot of shoe shops in the vicinity. She also was unable to tell me where the area was saying that it was very obvious. Unfortunately it isn't always very obvious to people who aren't familiar with the area.

I had a good time trying to figure out where the NTUC was as she mentioned it was the NTUC in XXX estate :) I pointed out there were quite a few NTUCs in the whole estate. I still don't know which block she saw the cat in but she did manage to narrow it down to the general vicinity.

Fortunately, another caregiver pointed me to a second caregiver who called a feeder she knew in the vicinity and the feeder was able to confirm that it was a cat she looked after. The cat is apparently very old and not in the best of health - but not suffering or in pain either.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah,there is a old tom cat sitting
on e void deck,downstairs.When i see him,i give him some Science Diet dry fd(which i feed my pet cats).He is thin,and scrawny,sometimes he will eat some,sometimes he doesn't eat.I feel so sad when he don't eat em(i'm sure it's quite tasty as my own cats like em).But there's nothing more i can do,maybe he is just old,and doesn't have much appetite.My pet cats have all e good fd,but they can't go outside.And these stray cats have all e freedom,but they have to scavenge.Life is not fair for a singapore kucing.

14/6/07 1:27 PM  

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