Monday, June 18, 2007

Yelling does not help

I was on the phone for quite a while with someone who had been asked to help in a case where some cats had been trapped in a building. Apparently this is not the first time its happened and the owner or manager of the building has been by to open the building up to allow previous batches of cats out. As such he has agreed to open the building one last time, but not for a week or two.

According to the man I spoke with, the feeders say that there are 'new batches' of cats. I asked what they meant by that - that these were new cats that they had not seen before? Also according to the feeders and the manager, the cats go in through the main door and that is the only entrance. However the manager is now careful to keep the door closed at all times and he checked for other access points but could not find them. He had also allowed the residents in as well as pest control to try and get the cats out but no one was able to do so. As far as I understand it, no cat traps were used.

I asked the man who called if the feeders were sure that these cats were really 'trapped'. For example, if they had noticed their regular cats had gone missing, or if it's possible there is access into the building that no one has noticed. Since the cats are supposedly not going in through the main entrance, then how are they getting in? And possibly that does mean they're able to get out that same way.

It also seems that none of the cats there are sterilised, and he says that despite the manager asking them to feed away from the building so the cats do not run in, the feeders have not done so. Also, one of them got hold of the manager's number and according to the man I spoke with, had given it too all the feeders and urged them to call the manager. All of them have then apparently been calling the manager at all hours and yelling obscenities at the manager. This is obviously not a great way to get someone to help out with a situation.

I told the man to try and speak with the feeders and find out if they were sure the cats were really stuck inside - one way I said was to ask them if any of their regulars were not showing up for feeding time. He said the feeders might not be able to tell.

At the same time, he is going to speak with the manager to ask if we can go in to the building earlier. I told him that we need to try and see if we can solve this once and for all - perhaps put in cat traps and check if there are unsealed holes that the cats may be entering from. At the same time, the feeders have to start feeding away from the building - and to get the cats sterilised of course.

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