Monday, July 16, 2007

Case still not closed?

I was just speaking with this caregiver again. She asked her what the TC intended to do now that the TC had seen the email about the unlikelihood of cats having scratched the car.

According to the caregiver, the TC officer surprised the caregiver by telling her that she would need to get back to the RC chairperson and see what the latter wanted to do. The caregiver thought that having seen that the complaint seems to be without merit that the case would be closed and that they would not entertain ideas about trapping the cats any longer.

The caregiver went by the car again over the last few days - the road tax and season parking discs still have not been put up. She has decided to go and see the MP with some other caregivers in the area.

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Blogger Mary said...

The caregiver did right. She has taken all the steps to rectify the problem, and now the last resort is to the MP because there is a big bully that refuses to accept the fact. Hopefully the MP is a reasonable man.

17/7/07 9:29 AM  
Anonymous apple said...

She better go see e Mp,immediately,before that guy has any more tricks up his sleeve.

17/7/07 12:52 PM  

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