Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cat in window

Cat in window
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Just back from delivering newsletters and going to the post office. This is one of the cats I saw while I was dropping off newsletters at one of the vets - while I stopped to take photos, a number of people stopped to look too. One lady commented he was really cute.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

erm, yeah it's somewhat cute in the eyes of us humnans. however, if we put oursleves in their shoes (the animal) - we may just be convinced that it is truly uncomfortable for a animal to be wearing clothes. i have seen the most wonderful canine owners dressing up their dogs in our hot weather with sweater and t-shirts. i mean this is singapore. and even if this isn't, come on - it's just our selfish vanity. i don't believe it's good for the dogs (and for the cats or rabbit or hamster or etc) - i believe it's totally UNcomfortable and would surely discourage this. as well as an extension of dressing p animal pets which is the color dyeing of their fur. that's almost cruel really.

26/7/07 9:18 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

anonymous while I do agree that dressing animals up usually detracts from their natural good looks (as is dyeing the fur), I wouldn't say it's cruel either necessarily. If you look around, some PEOPLE dress rather strangely for Singaporean weather - and this may be their way of showing they care when they dress the animals in the same way. While I understand the animals don't have a say (unlike the people), I would say that this probably does less harm then say dumping the animal, or letting it breed.

26/7/07 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cat in window is obviously in an air-conditioned place - see what's above cat.
I cannot resist but to add to this.
My cat wears a custom-made garment with sexy open-weave on back and on chest (for better ventilation). On the side, there're pockets - i slip a..urh cotton pad (for protective padding).
Reason? Diabetic cat has a lesion on the side where its elbow dug into it. It takes 5 mins to make a bloody mass and weeks to heal. It is hard to bandage-the broader end keeps slipping towards the chest.
Actually cat had "dress" on for a while, cat does not have a problem with it. But people at vet would ask ; )

29/7/07 6:03 PM  

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