Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cats in the Van

This guy SMSed me today. He called up yesterday to tell me he was sending his van in for repairs and wanted to know if I knew any van companies whom he could rent a van from. I told him that I did not. He said that the van needed to be in for repairs for a few days and he was going to need another van for his cats. He started saying that perhaps he could board them, but before he even finished his sentence he cut himself off, saying that he wanted to keep the cats with him.

He SMSed to say that he wanted to know if there was any way we could help if he got a new van to make the van better ventilated for the cats. He was intending to tear our some of the panels and put in a grilled door of some kind but he was short on cash. Rebecca and I were discussing this - it's almost impossible for us to pay for something like van repairs because where would it end? We were talking about how we could possibly put up a special appeal to see if anyone wanted to help though. However, Rebecca and I were saying that even to do that there had to be some conditions. One, that the cats ALL be sterilised and two, that he cannot take in any more cats at all.

We were discussing whether helping this man in this way would help the cats at all though - would it benefit the cats and improve their welfare? After all, it seems unlikely he's going to give them up, and they're still going to be living in the van. NOT sterilising them though would mean even more cats would be born.

I texted the man back to say that we would consider seeing what help could be offered to him but he had to first agree that all the cats be sterilised. He replied that he would sterilise the two older males - but not the rest. He then said that if sterilisation was a condition, he would then decline. He did say thank you.

Speaking of which, I spoke to a woman from IMH today as well. I had called a few weeks ago to ask about how best to help in cases of hoarding and they called me back today. The woman wanted to know if there were talks we were interested in. I explained what we were hoping to do. She listened and then said that in general, hoarding cases are very individual - and that there would need to be one on one counselling with the person hoarding. She mentioned that she did not think there were particularly many of these cases though I told her we had been seeing more of late. She thought it would be very difficult for us to help. She did agree that getting people to see a counsellor voluntarily though would be very difficult. IMH does not have a department dealing specifically with hoarding.

Seems like there isn't much we can do in terms of counselling. Anyone out there a counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist who would like to help out? :)

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Blogger Surferket said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this man living in a van with his cats.
Reminds me of my own dark dark days when I had only $5 in my pocket and I spent it for my dog's dinner and I get by on Maggee mee.
Even now, my dog and cats get to eat before me.

11/7/07 10:20 PM  
Anonymous huh said...

How can this man allow the cats to multiply? He is not Ok mentally, must come up with a more ridiculous reason to get the cats sterilised. He is not responding to logic.

12/7/07 12:34 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

If you have any suggestions huh, I'm all ears!

12/7/07 12:49 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

i find it frustrating this man thinks he is being kind by not sterilising the felines, he thinks they need to mate - it's only natural. i hope it's not because he enjoys watching them in action.

i remember once a nun told us during a meditation retreat in Nepal that she has not heard of anyone who died not having sex and it sure make sense.

12/7/07 10:54 AM  
Anonymous apple said...

This guy is just sick in e head,no need to waste any more time.No animal should be living inside a van or any other vehicle all of e time.The sound of engines and e unhealthy air just freak them out.
Just give that guy a teddy bear for company,or lots of plush toys.
Release his cats when he is not need to be nice to someone who enjoys torturing helpless animals.

12/7/07 1:09 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Unfortunately he sleeps right next to the car. I would think it's going to be very hard to get the cats away without him noticing.

12/7/07 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think maybe someone can volunteer to be his "friend". I think he is too lonely. That friend can just accidentally bump into him, and cook up some stories about cats.. I believe the van man would be interested to listen and hopefully share why and how he ended up with his cats in the van. Then hopefully again, as time goes by, can convince him sterilization is good for the cats..

12/7/07 8:02 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

We know how he ended up with each cat and the van. He's very chatty :)

12/7/07 8:09 PM  

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