Friday, July 20, 2007

Cats to be 'adopted' at the AVA

I was speaking to the town council officer in this case and discussing what we can do.

The first thing she asked was if we could adopt the cats and I told her we can't - but I mentioned that we suspected that the cats belong to someone and that we need to go down and try and find out whom the owners are. I also told her that Rebecca had been down to speak with some residents before and we needed her help as a town council officer.

She said she needs to clean the area up and that she needs to get the cats in a cage. I told her she was welcome to try but I doubt the mother cat would let them near the kittens right now. Rebecca had mentioned the mother cat was very protective yesterday.

The officer asked if we could send them to the AVA for adoption. I told her that the AVA does NOT adopt cats out. She said that she thought they did. She asked if perhaps they would be killed only if they weren't adopted. I told her that there was no adoption programme run by the AVA - and that the cats sent in there are not adopted. When she heard they would be killed though, she said she would put them in a cage, clean the area up first and then decide what to do.

I wonder how many TC officers are giving out wrong information about this - and it's worrying.

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