Thursday, July 19, 2007

Complainant asks if she can feed the cat

I received a call from a slightly panicked woman two days ago saying that a cat had given birth on her doorstep. She seems quite scared of cats. She asked if we could help.

Rebecca had been down to this block before (and in fact had spoken with this woman too). The problem apparently is that there are many irresponsible owners in this block who let the cats wander in and out. There are no caregivers in this area. Rebecca had already spoken with the owners on a previous occasion but apparently this has done nothing to stop their behaviour.

Rebecca went down two days ago and saw the mother cat and kittens. The woman who called had children and they were quite delighted with the cats. I also have been keeping in contact with the woman. I spoke with her yesterday and explained that we would like to find the owner, and that we hope the TC will come with us to give more weight to the matter.

The woman agreed. Also I mentioned that if the town council came to take the cats away they would be taken away to be killed. She was horrified and said that was extremely cruel. When I spoke with her last night, she asked if it was okay to feed the cat. She was worried it had nothing to eat.

Rebecca went down today to drop some food by the woman. The woman is still quite scared of the cats but she does not want them removed and killed either which is very kind of her. The best hope we have is to try and find the owner - this is on such a high floor, it must be someone's cat or someone must be feeding it.

Sometimes the complainant does not want the cat killed - they're just at a loss on what to do and need to get some suggestions or advice. Removing the cat is NOT what she wants if the cat will be killed and she's prepared to work on a better solution for all as well.

Still no news from the TC officer. She was not in when Rebecca called and she didn't reply to my emails. When I called too this afternoon, it seems she is out for the day.

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Anonymous belle said...

maybe this is a chance for her to overcome her fear of cats ... feed, pat, play, & soon she'll get over her phobia ... tell her that a cat giving birth at her house -will bring her good luck ...

20/7/07 12:56 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I like the good luck angle :)

20/7/07 1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she's a kind soul, I think she will learn to admire the unique charm of cat's character, hope someone closeby could work with her though, do not give up on a budding hope.maybe we can sign a card of thanks for her to show our 'remote' support and appreciation?

20/7/07 6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gone. The TC trapped sterilized cats. This family of mother cat and kittens are sent to AVA.

21/7/07 9:25 AM  

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