Monday, July 23, 2007


Still trying to find out what has happened exactly with this town council. The good news is that two of the sterilised cats were released and went home on Saturday. The bad news is that yet another sterilised cat is at the AVA. I called one of the officers today and he told me the cat had been caught because it was causing a nuisance. He had brought up the issue to me and per our protocol, I had asked the town council to call the relevant caregiver.

I called the caregiver up next. She said that they had called her about another case on Friday, but she was surprised the cat had been caught. She said she did not know that one of the sterilised cats there had been taken. In addition, they are supposed to let both the caregiver and CWS know before cats are caught. It sounds as if officers are either not being properly briefed or are ignoring orders since another officer sounded just as confused about what the protocol is.

I called up the General Manager but it seems that he is about to meet the other managers to have a discussion about this right now and will speak to me after, according to his personal assistant. I hope this will all be cleared up once I have a chance to speak with him and that we can find out why this is happening.

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