Thursday, July 19, 2007

Disputes don't help the cats

Working on my presentation for the forum next week. The part on CWS and our work is easy - the part on what NGOs do in Singapore is proving to be trickier. I'm not even touching the Southeast Asia bit because I don't think I'm qualified to say though there are tons of great NGOs doing wonderful work throughout the region.

Just received a phone call from a caregiver in an area a short while ago. Apparently yesterday there was some sort of altercation when a friend of his went down and it had to do with some cats that were to be removed from an area where there was an irresponsible feeder.

At any rate, the caregiver mentioned that he realised this block is being looked after by another caregiver whom he does not get along with. This bad blood started unfortunately a while ago over some allegations of misconduct on the part of one or the other. Since then the two have not spoken and I hear complaints about the other, which I have told both time and again we do not get involved in.

The caregiver who contacted me yesterday now wants to wash his hands off this area since this is the other caregiver's area. He wishes to release the cats back into the area.

He called me up to say he wants the town council or myself to witness the cats being released. I was a bit confused at first, thinking it was because he did not want to get into a situation that might turn potentially violent with this irresponsible feeder. It turned out after speaking with him for a while that he did not care about the irresponsible feeder. He was concerned the other caregiver would somehow accuse him of not returning the cats to the area.

I pointed out that if that was the concern, why not take a photo, or better yet ask the other caregiver to come down. Why involve all these third parties? He insisted he does not wish to speak with her. However he said if I contacted her, that would be fine.

I just texted the other caregiver and told her that if she wishes to be there to contact the first caregiver. I also texted both of them to say that both were doing good work for the cats as far as I was concerned. I said that as such, this is no longer a cat issue but this is a dispute over personal matters - and we don't get involved in those.

It's a shame - both parties could be working together to solve community cat issues. Instead there are now allegations and recriminations that do nothing to help the cats - and make everyone upset.



Anonymous huh said...

Just focus on the cats, if you entertain too much accusations or conflicts, it drains your precious energy levels.

19/7/07 4:53 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - and now other caregivers are being pulled in too. Luckily this other caregiver is very calm and rational - but the time could be better used for other things.

19/7/07 6:13 PM  

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