Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dog near cinema

Dog near cinema
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As I was talking to the person who alerted us to the situation (he had been held up in a traffic jam), one of the feeders he knew came up. This lovely dog was following her around. She was carrying a large bag of chicken parts donated by one of the nearby food stalls.

She pointed into the cinema and said that she knew there were still cats in there. She whistled and a cat came out - there were two big panels through which the cat could jump out of. She then took a huge chicken thigh and proceeded to throw it INTO the abandoned building. The cat grabbed it and ran off. I asked the woman to please not do that because otherwise the cats would be more likely to remain inside. She pointed out that they were hungry and that they were inside anyway. I explained that this would encourage them to remain on the premises.

I spoke with her about getting the cats sterilised, but she said she had no time or money. She said there were other people in the area who had the money (the man I was with confirmed there were easily 7 to 8 feeders). I asked her if she would be willing to get them sterilised if the cost was taken care of. She said no - she didn't have the time as she was feeding so many cats.

The woman agreed to take us to meet some of her friends. We walked over to another area and met a woman. She explained why we were there. We gave the woman a sterilisation brochure and my card. I told her it was really important to try and get the cats sterilised - but she didn't seem very convinced, though she agreed there were too many cats.

The feeder took us to meet one more friend - but she wasn't there when we arrived. She mentioned that she saw people trapping even the sterilised cats in the past. I told her it was important to start working with the TC and she said no one had contacted the TC before.

The man who was trying to help tried to convince her it was important to try and work with the TC. He told me later that of all the feeders there, she was the most co-operative.

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