Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Food on sale

Auric Pacific has mentioned that they have near expired food which they are trying to dispose of cheaply. This might be of interest to people who are buying large quantities for community cats for example :-

Nat’s Bal Chicken & Fish 1.5kgs (Expiry 21-08-07) $0.93/pack
Expiry 22-10-07) $1.87/pack
Nutri Plus Chicken w Vegetables 1.5kgs (Expiry 13-11-07) $1.87/pack
Chunky w Chicken Classic 390gm (Expiry 19-05-08) $1.35/can
Juicy Chicken & Salmon Classic 390gm (Expiry 27-03-08) $1.35/can
(Expiry 19-06-08) $1.35/can
Mature Formula w Chicken 390gm (Expiry 11-03-08) $1.35/can
Furball Formula w Lamb185gm (Expiry 03-04-08) $0.96/can

CHAMP (Dog Food)
Classic Beef & Rice Senior 680gm (Expiry 09-07-08) $2.15/can
Classic Lamb & Rice 680gm (Expiry 27-03-08) $2.15/can
Classic Lamb & Rice 385gm (Expiry 27-03-08) $1.59/can
Classic Meat Lovers 680gm (Expiry 28-07-08) $2.15/can
These prices do not include the 7% GST rate and there is free delivery for orders over $150.

Please contact Jolene at jolenekua@auric.com.sg or at 6867 9143.



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