Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Giving cats up because they urinate

I just spoke to a caregiver who had written into Rebecca and Rebecca has been assisting her. This caregiver said that she had a problem with some residents in the area. They have 10 cats and want to toss some of them on the street. The reason they gave? The cats urinate. That's right folks - they pee!

It seems that the cats aren't given litter trays to use so the cats are urinating all over the flat. We suggested that if they are poor and cannot afford a litter pan, that we can source for donated litter pans for the family. They could also use shredded newspaper instead of litter. As the cats have nowhere else to urinate, there are now pee marks all over.

When the caregiver suggested this to them, it turns out that the problem is no longer the urination, or no longer JUST the urination. Now it seems the problem is food.

The poor caregiver is at her wit's end. She said when she found out that the mother cat had given birth a few months ago, she had gone to this family to ask them to let her put the cats up for adoption. She was rebuffed. They told her that they love the cats and the cats are their treasure. Now these same treasures are in danger of being tossed out on the street.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not being racist but i just have to think that this owner is Malay and it is a common problem all over. This is why we hope Malays who understand the importance of being responsible, take a more pro-active role in helping to reduce such problems in the community. We truly beg the Malays to help as some of us, like this caregivers are at our wit end and we don't want the cats and kittens to suffer.
Let's unite with our common love for cats and work together by being truthful and work out the real solutions, instead of sweeping it under the carpet and cite racial sensitivity.

17/7/07 6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that. I think that it is time we have to admit among the malay community there is a significant group that are using religion as an excuse and indirectly contributing to the problem. No point for the sake of racial sensitivity, we just keep saying other races do this and that too. The facts are there, the malay community is the biggest problem and as I said in another post, if they could keep dogs, they would have a problem with dogs too. Admiting there is a problem is the first step to solving it, denying it will just let the problem float and never get solved.

CO(to differeniate myself from other anonymous owners)

17/7/07 7:52 PM  
Anonymous huh said...

I would rather response to the needs of the cats, if reasons given are nonsensical like unnatural to sterilise cats or males should remain intact etc. or abortion is cruel...if one's religion is to let cats multiply and watch the kittens get run over, drown, crushed by human feets etc, I rather sterilise the cats. Cause of death: excuses.

17/7/07 9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haiyah, for goodness sake! if you cannot afford to, please just spare the cats : LEAVE THEM ALONE IN THE STREETS !!!!

18/7/07 8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the more i deal with cat issue the more i dislike Malay. They are always the ones giving problem.

18/7/07 10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my area too, some Malay families who 'loved' their cats till they overly-breed to 20s...they refuse our whole package-assitance to 'potong' all their cats and one man even have this proud smirk on his face when he said he 'threw' out 15 cats at a time, when i mentioned he's only getting his 'pets' killed by pest control, he can't understand what i was talking about but go on rattling how many cats he's had...
But I've also come across friendlier Malay neighbours of one of the Cat-family who understood us, their permission of allowing us to feed near their entrance gave us support towards TC in case of complaints.

19/7/07 10:28 AM  
Blogger Mezzo said...

Hi, it's terrible when cats get abused or treated badly through sheer ignorance. I'm not sure that pointing out one group is going to be helpful though - after all, it's not as if being Norwegian or Irish has anything to do with your ability to be kind to animals.

Actually, I think that income, education, and upbringing have a lot more to do with it. A lot of Malay families are unfortunately in the lowest income group, and I suspect that if you're more worried about your kids' school fees, you don't have time to look up and think about cats.

That's why it's so important when Dawn gets to talk to the schools - after all, thats' how you can spread the message. A pity we can't all go and help her out... although I'm not sure if she wants us crazy cat people to all charge down.

19/7/07 4:43 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

mezzo has a good point - that it often may be due to socio-economic factors. As I have mentioned, I have met people from different racial groups/ages/genders who treat cats well.

Interestingly if we put it that way, quite a few complainants tend to be Chinese - and I don't think it means Chinese as a whole hate cats either.

19/7/07 4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO Mezzo, as you said the Malays are poor and uneducated. And frankly they are a race that despite all the spoon feeding, they just cannot pull themselves from their level. So since you cannot even take care of yourself and are breeding malay babies like rabbits. Please dont breed cats too...

20/7/07 12:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha Mezzo,
"... although I'm not sure if she wants us crazy cat people to all charge down"

This reminded me of our MP's look when four of us caregivers went into his office...that was a sheer fright of " you ALL are Cat-crazed activists in MY AREA?"....

20/7/07 6:11 PM  

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