Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Help needed

I just found out from one of the caregivers last night that one of the residents who accompanied her to the Meet the Peoples' session last night did so even though he is having examinations today. He's a young man who has put in a lot of time and effort to help the cats. Too often caregivers say they are busy and undoubtedly they are. However, it's a question again of priorities and how important the cats are to you - to this young man, even though this is not 'his' area nor 'his' cats, they are a priority. His dedication is an inspiration!

At the same time, the caregivers were discussing conducting a door to door survey last night. They don't believe that the residents there want the cats removed and from speaking to other residents they do not get that feeling. However from what was said, as long as the RC which is deemed to be representative, continue to ask for the cats to be removed, the TC looks likely to bend to their demands (despite the fact the town council gave the RC members the wrong information in the wrong place).

By actually asking the residents, they'll be able to find out what the residents really think. So the next question is - would anyone be willing to help out? There are a fair number of blocks to cover and the more people, the faster the survey will go!

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Anonymous someone who cares said...

doing a survey is a great idea but how you do it is crucial to the success.

How about one for adult and one for children, for kids who are against killing and response to the survey, they get a token of appreciation for their feedback like a coloring booklet featuring community cats with residents.

For adults, they get to keep a pen
with some sterilisation tag lines.

Then a booth near lift areas serving hot bean soup and simple kueh or make syself free popiah so residents will sure gather around food and we can strike friendly conversations with them about the CWS community project on TNR programme.

They can also sign up as members like neighbourhood watch against antisocial behaviour...maybe th epolice can join in the celebration. Some kids in the nearby school could also play some musical instruments that will attract the crowd and involve school children.

What say you, Dawn?

31/7/07 3:28 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for the suggestion someone who cares.

However I think what you are suggesting would still involve people coming down to do the survey. What is being suggested is a door to door survey - when I do mediations I do that too. Basically you knock on peoples' doors and just speak with them - the return rate would be a lot higher that way.

31/7/07 3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

However call me devil's advocate but what is the citeria in which the RC and TC accepts the survey results? Example if results show xxx number of households are against, yyy number of households are for etc etc. Do RC and TC need the particulars of these households before they accept the results? That is very important to determine first. Cos they might throw out your survey through the door if many residents want to vote in the survey but like the RC member tells you "please dont say I said it" The survey would become a utter waste of time. Frankly I predict alot of residents would not want to put their name on the survey and would want to remain anonymous.


31/7/07 9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of sounding pessimistic as CO, what other option is there?
I think a survey brings awareness and the commitment to do something active may somehow move some people to see that justice prevails.
And if RC sees how many people really do care about cats by volunteering in carrying out the survey, it inspires perhaps.
As Dawn said, and from our own experience speaking with residents, the response is usually positive and you may be surprise that some people will be "angered" sufficiently to dispel the stereotypical boh-chap Singaporeans!
Come down and see for yourself CO


31/7/07 10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not being pessimistic, I am being practical. Time is not on our side. After a survey that is time consuming and is done, it is thrown out the door as non factual and unacceptable as the survey participants are anonymous. What good will that do? It will be back to square one. No harm in finding out what kind of survey is usable for government agencies. Cos if the survey is usable even though participants are anonymous, it can be mass send to various agencies if TC decides to ignore it. If I dont remember wrongly, there was a petition to save some community cats some time back and the condition was that one must attach one's name and email address. Any anonymous signers will not be counted into the petition count by govt agencies.


31/7/07 11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And frankly I dont believe in being idealistic with lots of if and perhaps. I have seen enough of the TC and RC to know that "inspiring" them is a dream.

As for letting them know that people care by volunteering for the survey? Firstly are the survey takers residents? If no, they can be regarded as trouble makers who have no business in the area. That is the reason why non residents are not allowed to meet the MPs of other areas. Also if the residents choose to be anonymous, what's the point? It's as good as filling in 10000 survey forms yourself.

Think with your brain and not with your heart. End of the day, being idealistic gets nothing done.

31/7/07 11:24 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I think there's a misconception going on here - this isn't a petition or a survey form. This is a door to door survey. So there is no need for anyone to sign anything. What you do need to do is go door to door and mark down which house everyone lives in. So for example someone lives at #02-XXX - mark down the unit number and the response. If the RC or TC wants to challenge those results, they can always go and speak with the residents themselves. For that reason it's not anonymous. You have the address and perhaps even the person's name if they wish to give it to you. It's completely verifiable by just going down to speak with the resident.

I don't think it matters if the volunteers doing the surveys are residents. It honestly doesn't matter who does the surveys as long as you can independently verify if someone had come by and spoken to the household. This can of course be done by just going down and checking with the residents. It's just practical that there may need to be more people going down to help out with asking the questions.

All that this survey has to show (and it's not to various government agencies) is that the TC claims that the RC is representative of what the residents want. They have 9 people who voted basically. So let's see what the residents actually DO feel by asking the residents. Isn't that the most straightforward way to tell?

1/8/07 1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Dawn for your clarification, that is exactly what I am asking about. In this instance i would say the survey is viable as if the results are challenged, there is a way to verify the results by reinterviewing the residents should govt agencies decide to do so.


1/8/07 11:07 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes CO - I agree that anonymous petitions are not very convincing. I think the caregivers are also thinking of having a separate letter for those who feel especially strongly about it and will ask them to sign - but only if they will put down their names and unit numbers.

1/8/07 11:47 AM  
Anonymous no patience said...

With a survey done, the narrow views of the 9-men RC team will be called into question, say 99% for TNR and 1% for culling. Reflect one complusive complainant who doesn't stay in the area... he must be identified and motives scrutinized.

On the other hand, if TC wishes to kill then some victims will be killed for the ' pleasing ' ceremony or TC ' animal sacrifice'.

1/8/07 12:41 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

no patience - right if the majority of residents believe that management is better than it is more convincing and representative than an RC vote. The idea of RCs is to represent the residents - but if they're not doing so then go direct to the source, which is the residents.

I do think though that actually the RC members themselves are not very supportive of removing the cats. One of them offered to sign the petition not to have them removed. Another informed the caregiver about the wrong information given (ie that the cats would be removed to be adopted).

1/8/07 1:29 PM  
Blogger VeganCatsg said...

Ask caregiver to feedback at REACH’s Discussion Corner

REACH’s Discussion Corner
Discussion threads in REACH's Discussion Corner are created for public consultation and feedback gathering purposes

2/8/07 11:28 AM  

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