Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is it about the cats?

We didn't meet the caregivers last night because there were a lot of people waiting to see the MP apparently and so we're asking them if they'd like to meet up another day to discuss the situation. Of course this is entirely up to them - and they may decide there is no need to do so. At the end of the day, the cats belong to them as we have pointed out and it's entirely their call.

At the same time had a very frustrating conversation with one of the two feuding feeders today. One of them had texted me to say she knew of a household with the cats in very bad shape (she suggested it was akin to severe neglect or abuse). She said there were many cats dying though she wasn't sure where this flat was exactly though she could find out. I suggested she might want to call the AVA if this was a case of abuse and to let them know.

The next thing I know, the other feuding feeder called to say that he heard that the woman he is having an on-going issue with was calling in the HDB (which is not what I heard). He said that the other feeder could not be sure what the situation was and she had no right to step in. So he wanted US to call her and let her know.

I pointed out that this was absurd. I didn't know the situation either - and I asked if he did. He said he was aware that the woman had a 'good heart' and kept taking kittens into the flat, and that many of them died because according to him they were young kittens. I told him this sounded pretty bad to me. I asked if he was quite sure that he was able to convince the woman not to take more cats in and we could try and see how we could help. I pointed out if this was a hoarding case there was little we can do as we're not trained to handle disorders like that.

The feeder said he was confident he could handle the woman - but he would not step in unless the other feeder was no longer involved.

I told to him that they are not in kindergarten. I said that it's important to work together for the cats and not against each other. I asked him to think about it - was this really about the cats about themselves?

I asked him if it was true what I heard from the caregiver in the middle that he had said that he would not turn up to meet for meetings if the feeder he did not like was there. He said he would prefer not to see her. He said one person more or less in the group was not important to him. I said that this was also about their little 'groups' - if one didn't turn up, their friends would not come as well. This sort of disunity was bad for the caregivers as a whole. The feeder retorted that he wanted to see how many people she could bring, whereas he was confident he had a group of people who would turn up with him.

I was pretty much astounded. I told him this was not a playground with rival cliques. I said if they cannot put aside their differences to work for the cats then what hope was there?

He kept saying that the other feeder had started it. I tried to tell him that someone had to be bigger about the situation and put their differences aside - for the cats. I said that they could work together on this case about the woman who may be neglecting/abusing the cats but he flatly refused. If the other feeder is involved, he will not be.



Anonymous huh said...

Yea, sounds like street gangs and the worst thing to do is to report to HDB. Poor cats will be evicted and owner face hefty fines.

Use your energy wisely.
Taking care of strays are tough enough, don't add other problems, real or imagined into the situation. Sensless conflict.

25/7/07 4:11 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Very true!

25/7/07 7:32 PM  
Blogger Hai~Ren said...


I'm thankful that most people are able to think and behave more sensibly than this.

28/7/07 2:05 AM  

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