Monday, July 09, 2007

Leaving a cat at the clinic

It's been a busy week and a half for Rebecca as she's been working even harder than usual as I've been away.

For one thing, you may remember this case that I wrote about. It turned out that the woman did not actually have aftercare for the cat - she had a friend who was willing to leave the cat in the corridor but who wasn't really going to look after the cat. Subsequently, she found another cat and asked for financial aid as well. The second cat died and the she apparently left the body at the vet and did not pick it up despite repeated reminders by the vets to do so.

The feeder kept promising Rebecca that the body would be picked up on the same day but did not do so till a few days later. The clinic kept calling Rebecca to tell her that the body had not been picked up. Rebecca advised that the body be disposed of since the clinic was having problems holding the body but for some reason they did not do so. The clinic was understandably rather annoyed and the feeder finally picked the cat up after a few days.

We have noticed that in some cases people tend to take their time picking up the cats, or picking up the body of the cat. While I do know that people can be busy, every day a cat is in hospital for example, costs money. I have seen cases where the treatment for the cat was less than $100 but the hospitalisation came up to several times that.

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