Monday, July 30, 2007

Looking for a new home

I had someone contact me about a woman who was migrating from Singapore and who had been supposedly asking around to see if anyone wanted her cat. No one did. Of course as she plans to leave in two days and is now getting desperate.

I called to speak with her. I was told that one of her options is just to abandon the cat in her condo if no one will take it. The first thing she asked was if I was going to take her cat. I explained we do not take cats but want to explore options to see if her cat could go with her. She said she would not be in one place and did not have a maid with her.

She then said that if I wasn't going to take her cat, she wasn't interested. She isn't 18 or 21 years old anymore she said, and she thought it was odd that I called up and asked her these questions. I told her we were just looking for options to see what could be done. She promptly said that she didn't want to continue the conversation unless I took her cat.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one word...Irresponsible

30/7/07 11:02 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes I was told she was a 'very nice lady' too. Not in my book.

30/7/07 11:05 AM  
Anonymous jk said...

what does having a maid or her own age got to do with bringing her cat along? it's only one cat after all.

30/7/07 1:07 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

jk - I think she was trying to imply that she knew what to do and didn't need someone to tell her since she's older. And as for the maid, there isn't a problem.

30/7/07 1:16 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

... and my cat scolded me for coming home late (from work) ...

he shd consider himself lucky he doesnt have an irresponsible owner like this terrible woman in the story ...

since she's no longer 18 or 21, she shd be mature enough to make plans that include her cat ... don't tell me she hasnt developed any emotional bond to her pet after all this time and can juz abandon it at the drop of hat ...

30/7/07 1:24 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - I was told the cat had been with her for several years and that it was a very well-behaved cat that could not survive outside!

30/7/07 1:25 PM  
Anonymous starsky said...

Since she's no longer 18 or 21, then she should know this involves a life! It's so cruel to leave the cat inside her house after she left... is she going to let the cat slowly dies off?

If she can't take the cat with her, then it's her responsibility to find a home for the cat. I'm not saying this to say how great I am... I was offered a scholarship to go overseas to study for 4 yrs, I talked to my parents regarding my pets cos I have a cat that I adopted from someone as the cat is very fierce and dislike ppl to touch him, I guess if he is handed over to SPCA, I can predict his ending. I know all along my mum is scared of animals, so I know she can't help me to take care of him and my dad works late every night, so it's tough. So after serious thought, I gave up the scholarship, but guess what? God is fair, right after I rejected the scholarship, I was offered a place in local uni. Till now, I nv regret my action, the growing stage of him by my side is something you can't use money to get!

Animals are lives... they are not toys where you can discard when you are sick of it! How can she just give the cat up after staying with her for several yrs... I hope that 'nice lady' will behave like what a human should be.

30/7/07 3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starsky has found her happiness and the rewards her cat can give will be abundant. Saving a life is big deal and I am happy to know of such strong bonding.

31/7/07 1:27 AM  
Anonymous no patience said...

I have been approached for help like taking over their cats as they have overseas postings or etc.
and they are evasive with their answers, arrogant, demanding and bloody rude.

27/9/07 1:17 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear that - sometimes you wonder whether you're the one doing them a favour :)

27/9/07 1:29 PM  

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