Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Some of the caregivers went down to see their MP last night about this issue and apparently two MPs were not at their sessions so they changed the venue and went to see another of the MPs instead who said he would look into the matter.

We are supposed to meet with the town council today. We have requested that the General Manager be there. We realise he has a busy schedule so have offered to meet at his convenience. However so far we have been informed that he is aware of the meeting but there has been no confirmation that he is attending. As much of what we discussed was with him directly the last time (and with one of the managers) we feel it is important to see him and clarify what is happening directly with him and not with some other people who were not involved in the meeting. As we have always maintained, it's important to speak directly with the people involved. If he is unable to be in attendance, then there is really no point in us going which is what we have conveyed to the town council.

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