Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Officer who does not want to kill

I just spoke to a TC officer. She said that she was having some problems in her area because cats had been running into the home of a complainant on the fourth floor. This person was asking for the cats to be removed.

She checked with me and said that the cats if sent to the AVA would be put down. I told her they would. She said she did not want to do that. She found one person feeding upstairs and has spoken with the woman but the woman has so far ignored her advice. She had tried vinegar and mothballs but the complainant was worried the mothballs might be toxic. The complainant was also continuing to complain.

I explained chances were that the cats either belonged to someone or were being fed upstairs by someone or they would not go up. All the cats had been sterilised.

I sent her the Mediation flyers and she said that she would flyer the block with them. I offered to go down and speak with the woman feeding upstairs - she said she hoped the flyers might do the trick, if not she would take me up on that.

I am very glad to see that there are officers like her who don't look to killing as the first solution.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is a "dream" TC officer that we caregivers would like to have :)

10/7/07 11:10 AM  
Anonymous apple said...

Maybe e Hdb and TC should allow cats to be kept,then they don't have to deal with all these ppl who like to complain.
After all,a cat is a domesticated animal,and not a wild or endangered animal.Or a snake is allow to be kept in flats,since it doesn't make any sound,and doesn't go outside.So e neighbors won't know and that flat owner can keep e snake,and cats r not allowed?

10/7/07 1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to this lady. :) I just hope she will continue in this line and not be pressured by superiors or colleagues to take the easy way out.

10/7/07 1:52 PM  

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