Monday, July 09, 2007

Put the cats outside

Someone rang up this morning to say that he was having problems with the HDB. He has four cats in his flat and three more community cats that stay outside but obviously right next to his door. All are sterilised. He said the cats tend to fight so he segregated some by leaving some outside.

Here's the interesting part. The complaint is that the cats are running into one of the neighbour's home. According to the person who called me, the HDB officer who spoke with him told him to either send the cats to the AVA or SPCA or to put the cats outside. He said if the cats are outside, they are not an HDB issue and hence they have no jurisdiction over that.

The man I spoke to said he could not send them to the AVA and SPCA. He told me there are quite a lot of community cats outside. He's now considering what to do.

It's interesting that if the complaint is that the cats are running into other peoples' homes that the officer should advise the man to put ALL his cats out. Doesn't it seem as if it will cause more problems? Of course the problems would then be TC problems and not HDB problems and then the cats can also be rounded up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The TC officer should learn from this HDB officer and asked the resident to put the cats inside so that it is no longer TC's problem. This is called Ping-Pong stupidy.

9/7/07 11:33 AM  
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9/7/07 12:31 PM  

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