Monday, July 23, 2007

Sad news

Rebecca has decided to step down from her position as CWS' part-timer. She feels that it is very difficult for her to continue doing her work and representing CWS and working as a caregiver in her community due to the conflict of interests that it may represent. While we have made it clear to her TC that she is not representing CWS in matters concerning her area since quite a while ago, it is a very difficult balancing act for her. She wishes to concentrate on her community cats now and hence will be stepping down.

I wish her all the best and she will still be volunteering and helping out with Spay Day! Thanks Rebecca!



Blogger Sivasothi said...

Guess it was a wise decision on her part but I am very sorry to hear you've lost Rebecca. Hope her work with her community cats will go on well.

Hmm Xylo has been staring at me studiously as I write this.

23/7/07 7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Rebecca for being there. God bless you.

24/7/07 9:31 AM  

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