Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ST (18-7-07)

This obviously isn't connected directly to cats but when I saw this letter I thought it was a very interesting take on the beautiful Angsana tree chopped down on Sunday at Braddell Road. It surprised me how quickly the tree was felled. It was also good to see people standing up for the tree :-

A parting letter from Ang Sar Nah

This letter also reminded me of what Mr Giggles pointed out in an earlier post - it's sad that Singaporeans have to be protected from everything and not even the tree in this case at all, but the fact that they found some drivers cannot seem to regulate their own speed when approaching the tree. I wonder as well if this was a case of being over-protective of Singaporeans - the tree had been there for more than two years after all.

Interestingly I drove by the area yesterday and it's more of a mess than ever. One lane has been blocked off and motorists coming around the bend have to pull up short. The area also seemed hotter without the shade the tree used to give.

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Anonymous huh said...

When I first saw the tree while driving, I thought Singapore has finally arrived...we could all be proud for saving a tree.

Straight wide roads are more dangerous, many accidents were on expressways.

19/7/07 3:54 AM  
Anonymous kaori said...

Wu Qingkang, a local writer also lamented in Wed's Lianhe Zaobao that the tree was removed. Brought up an interesting comparison that a MRT track pillar at Buona Vista and a overhead bridge at Farrer Road were also hazards being in the middle of roads to irresponsible drivers. But of course these were necessary infrastruture compared to the angsana tree. Yeah it's really ridiculous that we take the life out of a tree while lifeless structures are spared.

19/7/07 12:26 PM  

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