Thursday, July 12, 2007

The vets speak

Rebecca and I tried to speak with several vets today about the cat scratches. Unfortunately three of them were out of town. We did manage to drive down to see one of the vets and show him the photos. He told us it was highly unlikely that the scratches were made by a cat.

One of the other vets who was overseas called me back this evening after getting my SMS which was really nice of him. He said that it was highly unlikely a cat would scratch a car. First the material of the car isn't what cats like to scratch. Second, cats have retractable claws. He said that he had cats resting on his car with no problems. He also said that in terms of claw marks, his dogs leave far more claw marks on his furniture just because they have fixed claws.

Have just spoken with the caregiver and emailed the TC with this information. The caregiver had spoken with the TC earlier today to let them know what the first vet said. The caregiver I think has shown the TC officer that she is very calm and collected - and proved what a contrast she is to the complainant.

Thanks also to both vets for graciously giving of their time.

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Anonymous imp said...

i love it when logic wins over silly subjective assumptions seeding from ingrained dislike.

13/7/07 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True True!

My dog leaves all kind of scratch marks on our wooden flooring :-)

I have also seen community cats snoozing on our car with no marks NADA!


13/7/07 10:55 AM  

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