Friday, July 20, 2007

You can't come into 'my' area

I mentioned the two feuding caregivers yesterday. Today another caregiver in the area spoke with me. One of the caregivers asked the caregiver caught in the middle to convey to the other caregiver that she wishes the other caregiver to keep out of certain areas. It seems that they have demarcated certain blocks between them. Hence if one caregiver is looking after the area, then the other caregiver is expected to butt out.

Now they are having a disagreement on which blocks they are supposed to be looking after. One caregiver wants to be in charge of certain blocks that the other caregiver is currently looking after. According to the caregiver I spoke with who is trying to mediate between the two, the caregiver who wants to take over does not want the other caregiver to help at all - whether it be in terms of helping to trap for sterilisation or solve any complaints.

Even more ludicrous, now according to the caregiver who is trying to play peacemaker, both of them have said that they will not be present at meetings as long as the other caregiver is there. When we recently met with the group of caregivers, both had come up to complain to me that the other person was there and they stood quite far apart from each other during the event. The caregiver who is trying to organise a meeting with her TC, says that both of them have their own 'feeders' or factions. If one of them doesn't turn up, then their faction won't either. She says this will divide the group.

Fortunately, both of them do have respect for the caregiver in the middle and she is also a very calm, reasonable person. However as she pointed out, if we talk about cats being territorial, now their caregivers are too! I told Rebecca this is like a bad Western.

I texted both of them and said that I hope both will remember this is about the cats - refusing to show up for meetings doesn't hurt them, it hurts the cats, and no matter what their differences, this is something both sides are working for.

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