Monday, August 27, 2007

Animal Welfare Lunch

Animal Welfare Lunch
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Last year we suggested having a casual lunch for all the animal welfare groups to meet and catch up over lunch. Usually, we're all so busy and we only meet at meetings or in times of crisis, so we thought it'd be nice to meet for the sole purpose of just getting to know one another better.

Everyone agreed it would be good to have another one and another year has flown past. We suggested another date but due to everyone's packed schedule they weren't sure they could make it. George from Vegetarian Society suggested the venue and booked the place. We were surprised that even more people turned up this year - George had booked 20 seats and at some points, we didn't have enough chairs as some people popped in just to say hello but didn't stay for lunch. People also asked other people working in animal welfare along, as we suggested and that was great. One of the people who came even suggested a yoga event for the whole group which would be fun!

Thank you to everyone for coming and it was great to see all of you!

Jacin had a busy weekend - in addition to the lunch, she was at the Cat Show yesterday manning the booth. She says it was a pretty good crowd.



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