Friday, August 31, 2007

At the new warehouse

At the new warehouse
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Corbie, Jacin and Rebecca hard at work at the new warehouse. We have a much smaller space (only a portion of this is ours!) so we had to squeeze and throw some stuff out. Thanks to everyone who helped out, including the volunteer who helped to transport all the boxes up and to the two guys who helped us to transport all the merchandise at a cheaper rate than they usually would charge!

On our way out, we tried to leave some stuff at the dumpster but didn't see it and some workers came up and told Corbie and Jacin it was against the building's bylaws to leave the trash there and asked for money. I spoke with the woman whose husband we were renting from and she didn't think that there was such a bylaw but she wasn't very sure and we didn't want to get her into trouble so we paid them $10 that they asked for to remove the stuff. As we we were driving off, we realised they had drawn the shutter down on the garbage room which was out in the back - and that's why we hadn't been able to see it!



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