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Baked goods

Baked goods
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One of the people who volunteered to help with the survey came with baked goods and distributed them to the other people who were there to help on Friday night. Ten people went down over the weekend and helped out on different nights and so far 200 units were surveyed though 400 units have been covered so far (in the block I went to, a number of flats were unoccupied).

We were paired in groups of two, and for the block I covered with another volunteer, almost no one had a problem with the cats. In fact quite a few mentioned that they had never noticed any cats in the area. A few others surprisingly turned out to be feeders - and the caregiver had never known there to be other caregivers besides herself. A few in fact had noticed that the black and white cat had disappeared and wanted to know what happened to him.

Of the lot, there were a small handful of people who had concerns. One man (who looked like he was ill) said he had never seen any cats, but then insisted they might breed when we tried to explain sterilisation. He insisted the number might hit 100. We kept trying to explain that they were sterilised and could not breed, but this concept seemed to be beyond him. In the end, I pointed out to him that he had said right at the beginning he hadn't seen any cats so they couldn't possibly be a problem.

One other woman was upset with the feeders but was happy to hear that the caregiver was serious about tackling irresponsible feeding.

Another woman started by telling her she didn't like cats but she balked when she heard they were killed if removed - incidentally her neighbours directly opposite had a cat.

One other man wanted to learn more about management but on hearing they were cared for said he had no issues as long as people were responsible. Other than that, many more people were willing to sign the petition.

Michelle and Rebecca went down to help on Saturday night too and got 100% of the people they surveyed saying they did not want the cats removed too.

The caregiver in the area said they may do one more night tonight of surveying tonight but the survey so far has been really positive. She was also very touched that people came down to help out.

She mentioned to me that she had met another RC member last night and he was very supportive too and said he would get other people to sign the petition as well. One woman also told the caregiver she had seen the rude RC member yelling at us outside the RC and said that he was very rude.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The resident who saw the rude RC guy shouting should let MP and the PM officer know why rudeness and disorderly behaviour are undesirable qualities. If they want him to stay, he must improve or resign.

6/8/07 12:46 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Much as I hope she will, I'm not sure she would go to that extent.

6/8/07 6:50 PM  

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