Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cat at construction site

Cat at construction site
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Michelle and I went for a mediation last night. A woman had rung on Monday to say that her neighbours were upset that she was feeding and asked us to speak with them, as she does not speak much English, and they can't speak Mandarin.

What happened it seemed is that there used to be an abandoned condominium and the woman had been feeding there for many years. The cats are all sterilised. The problem was when construction started - the cats started running out and across the road into peoples' homes where they defecated and ran on furniture.

The main bugbear seems to be that the feeder feeds right opposite the homes of the complainants. I explained that these cats were sterilised, and the complainant agreed that the population of cats had decreased. He said that he had nothing against them, but the defecation was getting to be too much.

He also said he could not understand why the woman refused to feed outside her own house, which was a few doors down. It seemed that there might be some feeling that she felt superior to her neighbours and did not want to feed outside her own house but didn't mind doing it outside theirs.

We offered a Scarecrow to the complainant and he said he would consider it.

I spoke to the feeder this morning and she said that the cats were used to being there, but I pointed out her house is not that far away at all. I suggested she try and feed outside her home - if the cats STILL run into the neighbours' homes, then the complainant had suggested he would be willing to look into alternatives.

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