Monday, August 06, 2007

Cat next to motorbike

Cat next to motorbike
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Here's one of the cats asleep next to the motorcycle. This is actually a pretty dingy carpark. There is the smell of urine (and I'm pretty sure it's human, and not cat urine - if it makes sense to anyone, I think cat urine smells sharper). There are also signs largely proclaiming "No Urinating". When I walked up the closed stairwell, there was a definite dank smell of urine.

The caregiver told me there are a number of clubs around there and people come out to urinate in the carpark as he has seen them. One would think there might be better things to worry about.

The management of course asked if the cats could be removed. One could see that they didn't want to necessarily remove the cats - nor did they have a problem with them. They were just worried about the complainants.

The security guard said that he had spoken with one of the complainants who said the feeders should just bring the cats home. The feeder who was there said he would bring in a few elephants (what is this obsession with big animals like tigers and elephants?:)) if he wanted the cats removed. I told him that wasn't the best way to deal with it - it would be best to just explain why removing the cats is not a good idea and why TNRM helps to control the population, whereas moving the cats just means new ones will move in.



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