Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cloak and dagger

I spoke to this feeder and she called to give me the address of the woman living nearby who she says is the one causing a mess. I said I would go down. The feeder then said it was not a good idea because the woman was afraid of her husband who didn't like her feeding and who might or might not be at home. She said the woman is unlikely to admit she is the one who is feeding and probably will not speak with me. The first feeder whom I spoke with, said she wanted to come down with me.

At the same time, when I asked if she was willing to speak with the feeder directly since they seemed to be friendly without bringing a stranger in (and she agreed a stranger would scare her of), she said the feeder would not listen to her. I said if the woman was unreasonable it might be difficult to talk sense into her especially as she had tried. She the said the woman was quite reasonable. I asked if perhaps asking the woman to call me might be more comfortable for the woman. However the feeder said the woman will not call. She then hit upon the idea of a letter because the woman has a daughter whom she said I could write to. She said not to however send it to the woman's house as her husband might intercept it away. She suggested sending it via her. This is most complicated.

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