Monday, August 27, 2007

Do not adopt a cat unless you are able to cope

I spoke with a woman who had asked for help with sterilisation as she was facing financial difficulties. She mentioned that she needed help with the money but that she had some concerns about whether she could keep her cats, that they were spraying, etc so this went on for a while though we had visited her two months ago.

She called today and mentioned that sadly, her father just passed away. I am very sorry for her loss and realise that this must undoubtedly be upsetting for her and may bring about a change in plans. She feels that she is unable to manage with the cats as her siblings are against her keeping the cats. She is also in the midst of some other personal issues.

I can understand that changes in circumstances that are beyond one's control may sometimes necessitate putting the cats up for adoption as much as the adopter may not want to. Not everything obviously can be controlled. However I was taken aback when the woman mentioned that two of the cats (though she has more than 5 cats) had just been adopted a few months ago. She said that she wanted to return them. She said she could not remember whom she adopted the cats from, only vaguely where the person stayed.

The adoption volunteer went through the adoption requests and could not find the email that said the cats were adopted. The sample adoption form which was sent was also not filled up according to the adopter.

The adoption requests apparently were sent in May - and I know the woman had mentioned she had some personal issues since December last year which were going to necessitate great changes in her lifestyle. In that case, please, PLEASE, if you anticipate that you are going to have life changes and upheaval, do NOT adopt a cat. Do NOT take a cat until you know that you are at a stage of your life whereby you are ready for the commitment and the responsibility - not when you are anticipating moving and not knowing exactly where you are going yet. It's not fair to the cat.

And please, make it a point to remember WHOM you adopted the cat from. Fosters - please also remember to let the adopters know whom you are, and how to get in touch with you - though obviously if the adopter loses the information, there isn't much you can do at that point.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope she's not pulling a fast one with CWS by claiming that that's where her 2 cats came from.

Hope that she will at least arrange for foster homes for her pets and NOT dump them anywhere.

There are still so many people and I'm not just referring to kids who do not understand the responsiblities of getting a pet. This is so annoying.:(

27/8/07 5:06 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous yes I agree :(

I spoke with the woman again and wanted to check some details with her so at least those cats can be returned as she had asked about that. She said that she cannot quite concentrate right now, and understandably so as her father has just passed away, but she says that she will get back to me. Hopefully then the cats can go back to their fosters.

27/8/07 5:30 PM  
Anonymous huh said...

This is not to time to think of disowning the cats as father has just recently passed away. Cope one thing at a time.
Once you are ready to 'clear' unwanted beings, do it properly.

28/8/07 12:25 AM  

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