Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dr Teo replies

We wrote to Dr Teo this morning to ask about whether as chairperson of the TC, he might consider changing the 'zero-stray' policy in light of the HDB clarification that their rules are not applicable to cats in the common areas.

Dr Teo just wrote back to say that this was incorrect. He also said that town councils can set their own bylaws but that they do consult with HDB on policies and bylaws for the interest of the community at large. He mentioned that whether HDB policy allows it or not, TCs can set their own bylaws. He mentioned that despite HDB's rule that allows dogs in flats, they do not allow stray dogs or other stray animals, whether they be chickens, ducks, etc in the town council.

He also urged us to put our efforts into Responsible Pet Ownership and including the housing of 'strays' in appropriate places.

I was a little confused so I wrote back to clarify because I'm not sure what was incorrect - was HDB incorrect? Or did he mean TCs were not influenced by HDB bylaws? We know that TCs can set their own bylaws, but Dr Teo had mentioned in the meeting that we had that HDB is the landlord and that the TCs follow the HDB rules closely (and also by TCs subsequently when we met them as well). We were hoping that as HDB did not envision that their bylaw on cats in flats be extended to the estate, that Dr Teo might re-think his policy as well.

We are also confused as to where the bylaws are. It would be good to know exactly what they say and so I wrote to ask if he might be able to clarify.

We also asked if he might support a change in the housing policy because we agree that it would certainly be good to house more cats in homes, but as 85% of the population cannot legally own cats, this is a problem.



Anonymous huh said...

Dr Teo appears to be interested in getting rid of the cats to ' appropriate places ' and he should recommend those places with ideas, humane bylaws and funding.

No point saying things that lead to mass eviction and culling of cats. Why is he so keen to deprive the well managed community cats their home, why so cruel at his early stage of political career...am I getting a glimpse of Mein Kempf?

28/8/07 10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi huh. well, it simply does not mean that politians dig humane treatment towards animals or animal welfare. does not matter how early he/she is in his/her so-called political career or how much he/she is into any other stuff. yes, we ARE getting a glimpse of Mein Kempf (but tak style lah, but of course.) why wouldN'T a young politian be keen to get rid of what many people would consider to be large size pests? easy, easy. there are many brownie points to be scored. - O&O -

29/8/07 8:40 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

i think Dr. Teo is confused himself.

29/8/07 10:40 AM  
Anonymous apple said...

No point talking to Dr Teo anymore,he just don't like animals.
Just wasting time and energy.
Wat abt Mr Goh Chok Tong?He seems like a nice man.

29/8/07 1:57 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

I agree with huh/anonymous/apple and Mary..
From the words he said,its obvious he was banking on either the HDB to support his stand (when it fail) he still has 1 last trump card,the power of the TC to set her own by laws.

Either way,he has reserved the absolute right to deny community cats to live in estates.As usual,an academic only knows the theory but nothing abt practical feasibility.

Appropriate places?? Build more shelters? Where s the money gg to come from? Pet ownership? Educating owners is a very lengthy process,it needs alot of time.Meanwhile,what about the community cats.

Lets write to President S.R.Nathan?

30/8/07 1:26 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

One more thing,that Zero Stray Policy should be directed at people,it should be coherent with educating on responsible Pet Ownership.(This will work perfectly if the HDB change their ruling as well.)

It should never be directed towards estates on not having strays/community cats.(I hate the word 'stray') After all,its people that caused this mess in the first place.

30/8/07 1:42 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Danny - I agree that support for a change in the HDB rule would certainly help. If cats aren't 'allowed' (and how would one DISallow a cat which is already in an estate from being there?), and aren't allowed in flats, then where do they go?

30/8/07 9:12 PM  

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