Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Giving specific details when asking for cats

I spoke with one of the AVA officers a while ago and he updated me on the situation. They had spoken with the cleaning company and the contractor in person. The contractor told one of the AVA officers that he had removed the cats on his own initiative and was not under orders by the TC. He claimed that some of the residents would complain that there was defecation and he would just remove the cats on his own.

The AVA warned him that he should not be removing cats on his own. They also asked him where the cats had gone to. He said that he had not caught the cats from the caregiver's area and that he had sent in cats to the AVA but none from her area. Whether this is true or not, this is going to be almost impossible to prove now.

It appears that he worked with a neighbouring town council and it seems that he may have sent in cats from one area but claimed they were from the neighbouring town council. Apparently I learnt today that some companies do that for convenience rather than have to mark down both town councils. However I clarified with the officer and he said that the pest control must mark down which street the cat is caught from.

So, and this is important, it seems when you call to check if any of your cats are caught, you must be specific - don't just ask if any of the cats were caught that day by your TC, but ask if cats were from such and such a Street or Avenue. Otherwise there is a chance the cats may be mislabeled and lumped under the cats from a completely different town council. You may not then be able to find your cats if that's the case.

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Anonymous huh said...

let the sob know his is a bloody cat killer. What initiative? May the dead cats haunt him for the rest of his life.

He must receivce a written warning for removing cats without proper authorisation from TC and care givers.

We don't want to hear his rubbish reasoning for removing cats. He has no authority.

7/8/07 7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel very sorry for the poor cats and their caregivers/feeders. do take courage.

and yes! the cats WILL bloody fxxking haunt him and his karma will be so fxxked for the next 4 century ahead! FOR. SURE.

8/8/07 8:42 AM  

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