Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not thinking so far ahead

I just spoke to a feeder about a problem in a building near hers. The management wants to remove the cats because there are a lot of them and there is another feeder who is throwing food all over. They sent photos of the cats sleeping on cars and food all over the floor.

I spoke to the feeder that I know in the area. She grumbled that she had tried to get hold of me on another occasion but could not - I told her that often I am busy on the phone or in a meeting and that if she can't get me, she should just call again. I told her that for example I couldn't get her too on several occasions (including earlier today) and she said that she was at work with her handphone off.

She wants me to have a word with this other feeder. She says that there is no point the feeders speaking with her - she wants CWS to do it. She said the woman won't listen to them (but then she told me the woman came for help to her after that). I told her we could try but that honestly, if the fact that the cats are going to be caught doesn't make her worried then what will?

I told her again that CWS has no special powers - we can persuade and speak to people, but unlike what this feeder thinks, it's not as if CWS turns up and then people are so frightened of our great 'authority' that they submit. She kept insisting that we're CWS and therefore they will listen.

She then said she wanted to tag along when I went to see the woman and I told her since the feeder won't listen to her as she kept insisting, I preferred she didn't. Sometimes if there is history between the two, it can be detrimental to have the feeder along.

I asked her what the plan was - to get the feeder involved in management? The feeder said no - she wanted to relocate the cats to her area. She wanted us to tell the other feeder to stop moving the cats back to the original location. I explained the vacuum effect and she insisted that it wasn't her problem - if there are new cats she won't bother with the newcomers. She told me not to think about the future - and just to save these cats. I told her if there is no long term plan than this isn't going to work.



Anonymous huh said...

Agree, why have bad chemistry around if they can turn nasty to one another. Easier to fix a problem without the fuel and fire in close proximity.

1/8/07 2:21 PM  

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