Friday, August 03, 2007

Officer makes good on mistake

Yet another caregiver wrote in to say that they were having problems with their TC. According to her, the TC officer gave them the wrong details - so the cat defecation problem occurred again. Obviously this was a complete waste of the caregivers' time and when caregiver called the officer to ask her to please give the correct information, as they were all busy people, the officer apparently said that she is handling other issues and not just cats.

As a result, the officer moved in and removed a cat (without telling the residents) that had been there for 8 years and was sterilised. She told the caregiver that the problem stopped, then later said, it stopped on some days -whatever that means.

I'd really like to see the day when town council officers tell complainants off for wasting their time with cat issues. Now I fully appreciate how busy TC officers are and how many complaints they deal with, but dealing with them summarily and not really solving the problem helps no one. One quick way of cutting down the number of complaints is just to get people to give their full names and addresses - I bet the ridiculous complaints would quickly lessen.

The good news is that literally as I am writing this, an email came in from the boss of the Property Officer who ordered the cat trapped. He wrote to apologise and said that since the cat should not have been caught, he would take full responsibility as he was the superior officer in this case. He also offered to have the cat transported back but as the caregivers said it was alright, he said that in lieu of that he would pay for any expenses occurred as he said they should not have to pay for what was a mistake on their part. He said the mental stress they had experienced was bad enough. I think this is very decent of him.

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Blogger lingcat said...

This estate is lucky to have a reasonable property manager.

Made a mistake, acknowledge it.

Unlike my TC who try to push the blame to caregivers. The poor caregivers have to fork out time, money and efforts to retrive the cats. And the TC didn't even bother to apologize for their mistake.

3/8/07 6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all very busy. TC must not think they are always the busy ones. Maybe the instruction to kill the cats been discovered and now a cover up.

3/8/07 7:05 PM  
Anonymous FATCAT said...

Hi Dawn,

Yes, it was very decent of the TC officer. I think CWS should write him a letter of thanks, or perhaps highlight him favorably in The Mews.


4/8/07 3:38 AM  
Anonymous yskat said...

When a tc officer talks about wasting his or her time, s/he is probably referring to the fact that s/he has to deal with caregivers and CWS instead of just getting the cat removed without any human resistance. At least that is what I gathered from a difficult TC officer whom I spoke to. According to her, she has been with the tc for more than 10 years, and until now, she never had to deal with people who thought what she did was wrong. She misses the "good old days" when she could just trap cats without having to deal with things like "mediation". So, as far as she is concerned, she has to waste her time because caregivers (and possibly CWS as well) choose to "waste" their time doing things which she considers meaningless.

4/8/07 11:25 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

yskat - that's very true I think. It doesn't matter to some officers if the problem is solved, as long as the case is closed - ie I sent in pest control, so when the complainant asks, I can say I did something. Case closed.

4/8/07 12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do tell the TC officer that the "good ole days" were long gone and to live in the present. The good old days shd not have been allowed to happen in the first place if there were care-givers & that care-givers had protested. Her problem-solving skills (if she got any) are limited to picking up the phone to call pest-control. Any kid can do that.
TC officers shd be evaluated by the residents - and then you will see whose's boss.
When you keep quiet, you get walked all over - even by people who are to serve you.

4/8/07 2:12 PM  
Blogger animalfamily said...

this a rare kind of person, respect to the property officer

6/8/07 12:51 PM  

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