Monday, August 13, 2007

Refusing to sterilise

I was just speaking with a woman who does not want the cats that she feeds to be sterilised. Someone had contacted us saying that he knew the woman, and wanted to get the cats there sterilised, because there were just too many of them - he sent me a photo of the area. However the woman just wasn't keen.

I spoke with her and reminded her we had met a few weeks ago. I told her that someone now had offered to sterilise the colony in another area she was feeding in. The woman kept refusing and saying she didn't want to do it. I pointed out that this was going to be done at no cost to her, nor would she have to lift a finger. She kept insisting that she didn't want it done, but alternated with saying she didn't care about these cats. She said that she just gave them some food, but they weren't hers. I asked her why she didn't want it done, and tried to explain the benefits of sterilisation but she just kept repeating that she didn't want it done but wasn't able to articulate why. She kept repeating that they weren't her cats. In the end, I told her that since they weren't her cats then she would not have any objections if they were sterilised since they weren't her colony anyway.

The person who wanted to get them done wanted to ask her permission first since they were her cats, but he also told me that she kept insisting that they weren't her cats or her colony and that she only fed them. In the end she said she could not object if they were taken to be sterilised.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people ask for permission to sterilise and some remove sterilised cats without permission.

13/8/07 11:17 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well put :)

13/8/07 11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have had a 'case' similar to this one. we offered a lady to sterilize the cats she's been feeding {she feeds them just outside her terrace house as well as within car porch) but she didn't want to. she told us that from experience, everytime people gets involved with the cats, alot of "bad" stuff will take place. Eg. the neighbours will start to notice and complain and trap and eventually, inevitably the cats will be gone - that is, lose their lives. what she does is that she just feeds them with little food so that they survive on the edge. that is they don't die from hunger but neither do they eat so full that they procreates easily. {i don't agree with this but i can understand her perspectives) initially i did all i can to promote sterilization and thereafter, caregiving {which is afterall, what she has been doing for years...} to her. then i started to ponder about her uncanny views and i decided to respect her wish per se. this is partly so because one of my earlier experiences with sterilizing 8 cats resulted in a tragedy when all were lost within 2 weeks after i return them to the community. it was very painful for me as i felt then that had i left the cats alone, they might not have been targets of arsehole cat-haters. {i call them haters because unless you hate cats or else i don't see why you will put in effort to have them trapped and put to death.) in otherwords, i felt responsible for their deaths and for the whole tragic episode. and after spending some $ what i'm saying here is that sometimes, we can respect the wish and experience of others as their ways, abilities, thoughts, idiosyncracies, concerns, fears, values are different. also, they may not be sharing other matters of concern with us. the lady's son actually reprimanded me for "harassing" them when i bought cat food to give her. to be told off is isn't pleasant...meantime, let's continue to sterilize!!!

14/8/07 5:12 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I would actually say she's 'feeding' and not caregiving. Caregiving involves management and sterilisation. The main thing that attracts attention in my experience is when kittens are born - and that's when the 'bad stuff' happens.

Sometimes people remove the cats because THEY don't know the cats are removed and killed. Or they don't see another solution. Give them that solution, and most people will take it - because the vast majority of people are not cat haters.

14/8/07 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been thinking. AVA seems to embrace the so-called 2-pronged approach to reduce stray population, i.e. culling & sterilisation. They probably think that while you silly cat-lovers sterilise, we continue to catch and hopefully the stray problem will be solved eventually.

I'm wondering.....why should we sterilise to complement them? Give them an ultimatum. Either they stop loaning out cat traps to round up cats, or we will stop sterilising. They may then stop to ponder, is there really any point to just cull while evidence has clearly shown that culling hasn't worked for decades.

I know this sounds rather drastic & it may result in more kittens being born. But sometimes threat like this may actually work in long term.

15/8/07 8:49 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Anonymous - when we met with them, it was mentioned that as sterilisation ramped up, trapping would be accordingly lessened. I don't think stopping sterilisation is going to make them kill less as a result - in fact probably the converse as sterilised and managed cats are by and large left alone. The modus operandi has been to trap and kill - I don't think that they will think too hard about reverting.

Before issuing an ultimatium, I think you have to think about the consequences if your ultimatium doesn't work.

15/8/07 10:46 AM  

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