Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too troublesome

I was speaking to a caregiver who mentioned that she and another caregiver are organising a meeting on Friday with their TC. The problem is that no one seems to want to go for the meeting. The caregiver I spoke with said that every time there is a problem, their usual practice is to call her and ask her to (1) get the cats out and (2) tell the TC off. However, when she asks them to make the call, they tell her it is too inconvenient.

One of the feeders in the area apparently had half a dozen cats picked up by the TC, and the caregiver who is trying to organise the group was trying to get the woman to come. However the woman who had the cats trapped thought it might anger her TC officer so she's not showing up - the caregiver said that the cats were already being trapped. The feeder whose cats were trapped has also not gone to reclaim them - again she told the caregiver it was too troublesome, it rained, she was busy, etc.

When I spoke to the woman this morning, she asked if the complainants had trapped any cats yet and I told her that they had. I reminded her as I did over the phone the other day that she should call the AVA the minute any of her cats are missing. She asked me how far away the AVA is (not very far from her home). It turns out that she has lost cats before - but that she just leaves it be when it happens. She said it's just too troublesome to pick the cats up.

Yes it IS troublesome to pick up cats when they are trapped, it IS troublesome to have to speak with your TC or your MP, but the question is - is it important enough to do because it will help keep your cats safe? If not, then why feed and sterilise in the first place? Both are troublesome and inconvenient too - and yet feeders do it every day. It's important to manage the cats so they can stay safe and not be rounded up and killed - even if it is troublesome to do so.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

She left her cats to die. Saving the cats you love is never troublesome, one lady only feed and she said sterilisation is troublesome.

23/8/07 3:10 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - that does happen and it's very sad.

23/8/07 9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many feeders just want to feed only. They do not want the hassle of dealing with complains, TC or AVA. Some can't be bothered if the cats are sterilized or not.

Guess it is alright if they don't want to deal with the human side as long as they are willing to take instructions (from REAL caregivers) to resolve problems when they arise. Maybe they are just too shy.

23/8/07 11:32 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous - that's true, in a TNRM programme it would be good if people did different things. The problem is when you have people who only want to do one thing. You're right in saying they can be a very important part of a TNRM programme by feeding and keeping an eye on the cats - IF they can work with caregivers.

23/8/07 11:42 AM  

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