Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where did the cats go?

The caregivers in this area are scrambling to try and find out what happened to their cats. One of them is thinking of going to visit all the different shelters and catteries to try and find the cats. As I understand there are a number of shelters and catteries out there, it is going to be very difficult to cover all of them, plus not all of them may allow visitors in. It's going to be looking for a needle in a haystack. However it doesn't seem at this point that it is pest control or the TC - and if that's the case it may very well be a case of a do-gooder who isn't doing very much good.

I can understand that some people may feel that the cats should be removed for the safety of the cats because of different factors - in this case there are irresponsible feeders around. However removing the cats isn't a solution - and removing the cats without saying anything to caregivers is an even worse idea. One of the caregivers told me she's been crying herself to sleep - it's just a bad solution all in all.

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