Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Broken telephone

I just spoke with someone who was recommended by someone she knew and she heard from a friend of a friend that there was someone who had seen a box of kittens in a certain area. She said that she heard that the cats had been injured - one was crushed and it seemed as if there was some abuse involved. She mentioned that the person wanted the cats relocated.

When I spoke with the person directly, it seemed there was no question of abuse - and the person wanted to give the cats to us. He said that the mother cat there had given birth and he asked what I advised he do. I told him to get the mother cat sterilised as otherwise this would happen again. He didn't seem very keen on this though.

Interesting how information is sometimes passed :)

Speaking of abuse, I also spoke with the witness in this case. She had spoken with the police the day before yesterday and identified the suspects through photographs. If they plead guilty, she will not need to testify, but if they choose to claim trial, then she will be needed to testify.



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