Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cat Management - the next step

I just finished reworking the Cat Management factsheet with Corbie's suggestions, though it still seems a little long. When CWS first started out, I think the main objective we were trying to get people to accept was sterilisation. While there are still quite a few people out there who are not sterilising, we now see that a lot of people have moved in that direction and are getting that done.

The next challenge is Cat Management. The most disappointing thing that could happen to someone is to come back and find that their colony has disappeared - and that can happen even if the cats are sterilised. The main difference is this - sterilisation reduces the population, but cat management is the best shot you have at keeping your cats safe. You may have sterilised the entire population but complaints may still arise - and often these complaints are due to people, not to the cats (for example the irresponsible cat owner, the messy feeder, the persistent complainant). The town council or management committee of your estate really isn't anti-cat in the vast majority of cases, but they DO want to stop complaints, and that's where Cat Management comes in. Handle the complaints - and the cats stay safe basically.

What's equally important is to handle them early - and not to wait till the situation is out of hand. If by the time you have approached your TC or management committee, there are 30 cats caterwauling under your block, you're going to have a hard time convincing them that starting a TNRM programme is a good idea.

Again if you'd like to find out more about Cat Management, do come to the TNRM workshop this Sunday at the National Library.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dealing with ppl as in Cat Mgt pose more of a headache than trapping cats for sterilization. Some ppl can be so unreasonable!

6/9/07 4:31 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Very true!

6/9/07 4:37 PM  

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