Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Domestic Help and Pets

The adoption volunteer mentioned to me that one of the things she noticed was that one of the reasons cats seem to be given up for adoption is when their domestic helpers return home. She said that quite a few people write in and ask for the adoption team to help to rehome their pets because they no longer feel they can cope. When the domestic helper leaves, the pet finds itself homeless. I was just thinking about this as I was writing an article we plan to contribute to the AVA newsletter on not abandoning animals.

Sometimes circumstances may change, and people find that they cannot cope - perhaps someone in the family is ill. It is true that there may be all sorts of valid reasons why people feel they really cannot cope. However, it is a shame if an animal is given up because it becomes inconvenient. It is certainly frustrating and tiring for example, especially for new mothers - yet you don't see them giving their children away if their domestic help suddenly has to leave.

The question I suppose is if animals are part of the family - if they are, then somehow people will try and struggle through. The adoption volunteer was asked to rehome a dog (yes you did read that right) over the weekend - someone told her that the dog had to be rehomed that same day because her domestic help had left. She said that she loved the dog very much but it had to be gone by the same day as she had to work on Monday.

Even if circumstances are such that you really need to adopt the animal out, surely for all the time that the animal has spent with you that you try and find it a good home - and not just anyone who says they will take it in? One thing that does bother me is that people often make plans months in advance if they are moving, for their furniture, their clothes, etc - but they only think of the animal they are not taking with them, at the very last minute. If you are going to give an animal up, then please, start looking for a new home early at the very least.

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Anonymous sad said...

I believe the animals will feel terribly hurt, knowing that their beloved owners are going to dump them away anytime.. like a piece of garbage.

4/9/07 2:59 PM  
Blogger jules said...

Yes, it's so hypocritical and such a shame to say that you love your pet so much and yet can't wait to get it off your hands the moment it becomes inconvenient. I do get very annoyed when I see dog owners never walking or spending time with their dogs but it's always the domestic helper who does everything. Hmm, wonder who's the real owner?

4/9/07 3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think some people think that owning a pet projects a certain image that they want others to have of them.
Keeping a big dog would mean they live in landed property.
Keeping a small pedigree dog would mean they have more than enough to live on and even surplus to keep a dog. Same goes for keeping a pedigree cat.
Basically if you own a pet - you have more than enough.....except for cat care-givers. Most of the cat care-givers I've met say that they are broke ; ) Me too !!

4/9/07 8:59 PM  

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