Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I just got in from a rather long drive and logged on to some bad news from Rebecca - that one of the caregiver had called her as there had been some pest control sent down by the town council in one of the areas. The problem is that there is hardly anyone there, and Veganmeowies who knows a bit about the situation (and knows the caregiver) told me that except for one resident, there's hardly anyone there.

I spoke with the resident and apparently the TC was not very helpful. There are only 20 cats or so over 10 blocks and all have been sterilised. The complaint though was that there were too many cats. One of the issues may be that the caregiver told me that she feeds all the cats in one spot. While there's nothing wrong with that, it DOES bring attention to the cats and could prove dangerous for the cats. It is best to split up your feeding spots.

I also rang the officer but was unable to get hold of him. I left a message for him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

best not to create a scene during feeding, for spome residents, even 3 cats considered too many let alone 20 cats at one go.

Best to feed away from human traffic, be smart about it.

18/9/07 8:37 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

actually the town council has alot on its plate right now ... the most urgent matter is - quickly educate shopowners/residents abt the dangers of cluttering corridors & walkways bcos this is a potential fire hazard ! recently 4 people have died from fires at home (2 at bt merah, 2 at hougang), and 1 young boy at clementi also nearly died.

My neighbour downstairs does massive commercial cooking at home, but TC seems very nonchalent abt this.

yet the excuse TC always gives is 'theres nothing much we can do' ... yeah but ur more than ready to accept yet another pay-raise for civil servants ?

there r so many more urgent things - dengue, fire hazards, which they're not willing to solve, yet they can go around trapping sterilised well-managed cats at void decks ! infuriating !

i think its far too easy to summon pest-control, whereas its harder to clear corridors of all that junk.

20/9/07 1:07 PM  

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