Wednesday, September 05, 2007

From trolley to Bag

I was just discussing the new Cat Management factsheet we've been working on with Corbie and she gave some very good suggestions to incorporate into the factsheet. It may not be ready for Sunday but we hope to get it rolled out soon.

It's always good to see a well managed area - and it was illustrated again by something that Vegancatsg wrote to the TC today. He had mentioned this a while ago in his email that one of the things that made him and a fellow caregiver very happy was that when they first started TNRM in their area a few years ago, there were tons of cats. The feeder in the area used to come down with a trolley so she could carry all her food.

Due to their hard work, the cats there are all sterilised and the area well managed - and the number of cats has started to decrease. Owners have started to keep their cats indoors because they have spoken with them. As a result, he said that the elderly feeder no longer has to struggle with her trolley and that she now just has to carry a bag down to feed the cats because the number has reduced so much!



Blogger EJ. said...

TNRM certainly works. It is only a matter of time.
Cheers to the vision and hard work of wise pet owners and dedicated volunteers!
From culling to no-culling!

6/9/07 7:08 AM  

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