Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Giving up cats

E_Cat just got back from overseas and is plunging back into trying to work with some women around his area, along with Aliah. Thanks to the both of them for their hard work.

E_Cat was saying that the woman that he asked us to help said again that she cannot keep the cats due to family objections and wants to let them go. E_Cat warned her about the penalties related to abandonment.

When I spoke with her last week, she had mentioned two of the cats were adopted recently. She said at the time that she could not remember any of the details of the fosters. I called her back a few days later to ask if she could remember any more information, but she said that she was not in the mood at her time of bereavement. I can understand that she must have more pressing concerns at this point and I didn't want to press her further during her grief.

What does surprise me is that she is keen to give up the cats, but isn't helping to try and find the fosters of the cats she adopted. This would be the easiest way of reducing the number of cats if those fosters want their cats back instead of putting the cats out on the street.

Interestingly, Yskat sent me this article today :-

Londoners and their pets

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