Thursday, September 06, 2007

Life changes and adoption

I spoke to this woman today and asked if she had managed to find the foster's details. She said it was a while ago and she had lost them. I asked if this was back in May, and she said she believed it was. I explained that if the fosters want the cats back, then it will help matters tremendously. She mentioned she wanted to get some of the cats at her father's place adopted out first. However I told her that it seems to me that she needs to get all the cats out - or certainly most of them, in which case the quickest way to try and get some out is to ask the foster if they want the cats back. She had also mentioned to E_cat earlier that she was stressed by the cats in her house as they were spraying.

I also asked her why she had adopted the cats considering that she was facing such drastic life changes which she was aware of back in May when she adopted the cats. One of them included moving to a smaller apartment, in addition to the other personal issues she was (and still is) facing. She said she never imagined this would happen.

I told her that besides the fact that she is personally finding it difficult to cope now, the cats are also disadvantaged because they could have found a permanent home then, it would certainly have been better for the cats. Even if they find a new home now, it would have been better if they had been settled into a permanent home right from the beginning.

I really hope people will think very carefully before adopting a cat. If you are considering moving, or know that personal circumstances are going to be rather uncertain in the near future, please do NOT take a cat. It is very possible that the person adopting the cat may not be able to cope, and it's not fair to the cat.



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