Monday, September 03, 2007

ST (3-9-07)

A good letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee :-

Cat control : Town Councils should listen to all residents, not just the complainants

Already there's a comment from someone who is asking that cats be removed because they might scratch cars. In the case Dr Tan mentioned, I believe it is the same cat I am familiar with and the vet said that the scratches were unlikely to scratch a car.

I still wonder why people will just jump to the conclusion it is a cat without first checking it out. If one found a car scratched, then would you just grab the first person who you happened to see leaning on your car a few times and accuse them of the act?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

because these very stupid and very cruel and very soulless and very boring and very evil people (and with silly names such as ArchAngelz2...eewww,wahhaha, wahahaha, ewweww) may have seen community cats sleeping on car bonnets and choose to conclude that cats climb onto the car using their claws. and if my thoughts are correct, then it really is damn bloody stupid (that's you! duh ArchAngelz2) because cats do NOT use claws to climb onto smooth surfaces such as metal which is usually what cars are made of. and for recommending declawing, duh ArchAngelz2, you hear it from me here : YOU WILL lose your nails, followed by your limbs in time to come. my cat just told me so and what my cat tells me always will come through. that's for you, ArchAngelz2. DUH. -orange-

3/9/07 10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if cats do scratch cats, so what? Does it affect the function of the car that is really to bring you from point A to point B. It is us human beings who develop such obsession with a metal object that we are willing to kill lives to keep it in mint condition. Seriously we should examine ourselves for what is the meaning of life when we get our priorities all wrong! Materialism is the top religion here and surely it is the mother of all evils!
May "ArchAngelz2" bring HIS car along with him to the next life because the paper cars will be scratched as they are being burned!

3/9/07 10:55 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

orange - I'm sure we're not advocating violence or anything else to befall ArchAngelz2 who is probably just ignorant of how cats behave and that trapping and killing has been going on for years without changing the situation.

Anonymous, I think the thing is also that cats rarely if ever scratch cars. If cats scratch it is to sharpen their claws - a car surface isn't good for that at all.

3/9/07 11:18 AM  
Anonymous apple said...

Cats don't scratch metal surfaces,but e extra clever ones does scratch a cars tyres.I seen one kitty scratched e back tyre of a car,i was amazed by its cleverness.And i'm sure it won't puncture e tyre.;-]

3/9/07 1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi dawn! no lah, just that just now i was reading the ST forum and my cat was beside me mah. he happened to read that this particular ArchAngelz2 suggested the evil act of declawing. immediately he shook his head mah, then he told me what's going to happen to ArchAngelz2. so i thought i had better share the information here. you may not know but really, my cat's very spot-on. haiya, told him so many times not to be rude to ultra stupid people but he just won't listen...sigh -orange-

3/9/07 2:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Orange ;)

3/9/07 2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have this written at msn cats, so mite as well copied it here in case ArchAngelz2 follow this blog page:

ArchAngelz2 's reply reflected COMMON IGNAORANCE of people who have no understanding of cats being part of the environment and how much money and man power volunteers have put in to house cats under HUMAN threat into overcrowded shelters.

Caregivers sterilise cats out of OWN funds, but declawing?????
He/ she does not even have the slightest understanding of the inhumane declawing of street is only the final solution to a cat owner if he has to chose between DUMPING the cat or risking his furniture from scratches not to mention the huge expense from such surgery that vet's unwilling to perform.......

Scratch victim/ animal discriminator or not, a complete lesson from A-Z is required for this person who speaks without even getting his/ her facts right.

I'm laughing at him/ her while shaking my head in resignation, He/ she had better be very young in age, no excuse for an adult to speak like this.

Oh yes, we have countlessly pointed out that cat don't walk with claws....when will this be accepted?
(will ask St Michael to 'educate' this fake Arch-devil)

4/9/07 11:08 AM  

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