Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Town Council officers

I spoke to one of the officers who works with the officer I have been trying to contact (as the other officer was in a meeting). The caregiver said that the area is quite bad at the moment - she doesn't feed there but is helping the feeders in the area to get the cats sterilised. At the same time, there are people dumping, cats being left to roam unsterilised, and the usual problems associated with an unmanaged area.

I spoke to the officer and explained that sterilised cats are easier to care for then unsterilised cats and are territorial. I asked her to please work with the caregiver. I told her it is not possible to expect the population to decrease immediately but it will happen if the area is managed.

I spoke to another officer who was dealing with a woman who wrote in much earlier this year about the cat defecating outside her unit. Apparently that did not happen again till this weekend - and the woman got really upset. She tried to get the officer but it was a weekend and he told me she got rather upset she could not get hold of him. So pity some of the town council officers too who are expected to be on call at all times too!

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